Mail order. Ca: 2 days! We always mail the phone back to you the same day we get it.
(Exampel: Costumer send it on monday, we recieve it tuesday, repair and send it back on tuesday, arrives back to costumer on wendsday).

  1. Contact us first

  2. Bokningsformular.pdf

  3. PostNord Skicka lätt

Contact us for price and booking.

ALWAYS contact us before you send anything, so we can assure we got the right parts home. We count on 2-3 days before you get your phone back after you sent it.

We change and repairs on almost every brand: Huawei, Samsung, Sony, OnePlus, LG and so on. Screens, battery, bottons, cameras, audio and more.

We use postnord, but can choose DHL, Schenker or others too. Always with a tracking number. 

Dowload and print out this paper-> Bokningsformular.pdf <-It´s possible to write by hand on a paper as well. 

We use this site for fastet transport PostNord Skicka lätt


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